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Surgical Procedure Questions by Arizona Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons
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It is perfectly normal and expected that you will have a lot of questions about cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.  We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience.   Take a minute to read through and familiarize yourself with what other people are asking, and then give us a call with any other questions you are having in regards to your heart surgery or other cardiovascular procedure.

Q. How long will I be in the hospital following my surgery?
A. Generally you should plan on a 4 to 5 day hospital stay. This may differ slightly depending on the kind of surgery you are having.

Q. What is the recovery time following open heart surgery?
A. Typically the recovery time for open heart surgery is approximately 8 weeks.

Q. How soon after surgery can I resume normal activities?
A. You will see your surgeon for a post-op visit two to three weeks after discharge from the hospital. At that visit he will advise you on what activities you may resume. As a general rule you will be able to resume most activities within  8 weeks.

Q. How soon can I drive after surgery?
A. Most patients are permitted to resume driving at their post-op visit 2 to 3 weeks after surgery.

Q. What is minimally invasive surgery?
A. Minimally Invasive surgery is an advanced approach that allows your surgeon to repair or replace you aortic and\or mitral valve using an incision approximately 2 inches long either between the ribs or through the breastbone. This is type of surgery requires less downtime and heals quicker than open heart surgery.

Q. Can anyone choose to have minimally invasive surgery?
A. No, only patients who have never had open heart surgery where they have had their chest opened are candidates for a minimally invasive surgery.

Q. What is Thoracic surgery?
A. The term Thoracic surgery refers to any surgery performed on the organs and tissues in the chest cavity. 

Q. What is Cardiovascular surgery?
A. Cardiovascular surgery is surgery on the heart, arteries and veins. Cardiovascular surgeons are also commonly known as Cardiothoracic Surgeons because they also perform surgeries on the lungs and other areas of the chest.

Q. What is the recovery time for a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)?
A. There are many variables involved in recovering from a TAVR as patients for this procedure are generally “high-risk” and suffer from other health ailments that may impede their recovery. Typically though we see patients return to their normal activities in 3 to 8 weeks after a TAVR.

Q. What is a lobectomy?
A. A lobectomy is the surgical removal of a lobe of an organ. It most often refers to the removal of a section of a lung. It may also refer to the liver, brain, thyroid gland, and other organs. This can be a way to remove damaged or necrotic tissues from organs.

Q. What is the recovery time following a lobectomy?
A. Typically it takes 4 to 8 weeks to fully recover from a lobectomy, dependent on the patients overall health and how closely they follow their doctor’s instructions after surgery. Recovery time for a partial lobectomy is slightly shorter.

Q. Where do the doctors of AzCVTS practice?
A. Our doctors have privileges at 8 hospitals, including all three Scottsdale Healthcare Campuses, Banner Boswell, Banner Thunderbird, Banner Del Webb, Arizona Heart Hospital & West Valley Hospital.

Dr. Riley’s preferred location is Scottsdale Healthcare, where he does 98% of his cases and serves as Medical Director of CV Surgery. Dr. Kathuria prefers Boswell and does 98% of his cases there while also serving as CV Section Chief. Dr. Macherla splits his time among all 8 hospitals.

Q. What insurance plans are accepted by AzCVTS?
A. AZCVTS accepts most insurance plans including standard Medicare and most Medicare Advantage Plans, AHCCCS, Humana, Healthnet, BC\BS, Aetna, Arizona Foundation, AzPCP, Care 1st, United Healthcare, Scan Healthplan, Scottsdale Health Partners, Tricare, Cigna, Meritus, and numerous other HMO and PPO plans.

Click here for a complete list of participating plans.

If you have any additonal questions about cardiovascular surgery or thoracic surgery, please call us at our Scottsdale or Peoria locations.

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